I’m a Little Tea Pot 🎵


When I was a kid, my nickname was cookie jar. Why? Because I ate so many cookies that my body began to look a bit like a cookie jar.

Cookies are still my favorite food. I love cream filled sandwich cookies the most. On the low end, I love Oreos. The new Oreo Megas are obscenely good. On the high end, I like macarons. Not to be confused with coconut macaroons, which are good too, but not as good as the French macarons. I’ve tried many many times to make macarons. They taste great, but they never look right. Mine look like lumpy toadstools. If you know how to make them, please send me your recipe.

I’m in Dublin now, and we found a Ladurée (the iconic Parisian tea room). For me though, tea is just an excuse to eat cookies.


Obviously, most people come to Ireland to drink beer, not to eat cookies. Guinness is king here, and yes, we’ve already had a few pints. Also, I’ve seen a lot of freckles. I read in Cosmo that Scotland boasts the highest percentage of natural redheads, with 13%, while Ireland comes in second with 10%. So, first impressions of Dublin are beer and freckles. And, lots of amazing restaurants. Who knew it was such a foodie town? The other funny thing is that I’ve seen a Swatch, a French Connection, and a Benetton on the same block as our hotel. Unexpected. All of my favorite brands from the 80s.

Also, we went to Riverdance, which was very fun. It’s a little mystical and slightly dorky, but the dancing and music are impressive. If you get the chance, you should definitely go.


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