I hate my hair


When I was in my 20s, I loved my hair. It was long and shiny, and the color was pretty. Now that I’m almost 50, I hate my hair. I spend a small fortune on hair care products. I buy Aveda by the boatload because I love the smell. I’ve used their products since I was a freshman in college. Shampure is by far my favorite scent. I also like rosemary mint. The new cherry almond line is gentle and smells okay, but not amazing.

One of the main problems I’ve experienced as I’ve gotten older is that my hair looks like straw. Black straw, if that’s a thing. Aveda’s smooth infusion helps moisturize my hair a bit. I’ve tried Bumble and Bumble and Living Proof, but what really works is Olaplex. For my hair, Olaplex No. 6, is a life saver. And it smells great. The only downside is that the bottle is rather small, and it is spendy.

Here’s a picture of me in London last summer getting my hair adjusted by my daughter, because no matter what I do, it always looks weird. With a lot of effort, I can get it to look okay at home, but when I travel, all bets are off. I’m heading to London again later this summer so I need to get my act together before then. If you have any great hair care products to recommend, please let me know! I love trying new products and I need all the help I can get.


Empty Nest Obsessed 🐾

Disclaimer: I love to try new products. I’m particularly interested in eco-friendly household cleaning products and I’m obsessed with anti-aging skin and hair care products. If I find something that works for me, I’ll let you know! Please note that I am not being paid (yet!) for any of my product recommendations. It that changes, I’ll certainly let you know.

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