The Sicilian


The other day I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time. He asked “are you still married to the Sicilian?” Why yes, yes I am! In fact, we just celebrated our 26th anniversary the other day.

The older I get, the more I appreciate my relationships. I’m so grateful for the Sicilian, our kids, my parents, and my dogs. I’ve got great in-laws (more Sicilians). And, I appreciate my friends, new and old.

I love meeting new people, especially my kids’ friends. I think everyone has an age that they like best. Some people, like my husband and my dad, are great with babies.

Everyone loves toddlers. Because toddlers are adorable.

Not sure who likes middle schoolers.

Me, I like teenagers. Not sure why, other than that they are great. Actually I do know why. Teenagers are so cool but still so sweet. Teenagers are always welcome in my home.

Now that my daughters are both in college, I’m meeting some amazing young adults. Computer scientists, future teachers, artists, and environmentalists. Interesting, smart, young people who are going to save our planet. I can’t wait to see the beautiful future that they build.

I also madly cherish my old friends. My oldest friend and his gorgeous daughter are here this weekend to celebrate his mom’s 80th birthday. He has known me since I was born, so I can truly say I have loved him my whole life. Almost half of a century.

We don’t have that much in common. He’s a 6’2” tall man with a PhD in economics. I’m a 5’0” woman with a JD and a dog blog. His kids are tall, blond Scandinavians. Mine are Sicilian lovelies, who look like marzipan tastes and orange blossoms smell.

Our differences don’t matter though. My friend and I both love stupid 80s music (we are big Bryan Adams and John Cougar Mellencamp fans). We like Oreo cookies with milk. We’ve travelled the world together. When we travel, he has to pay for everything and make all of the plans, and in return, I let him.

Friends are important. Old and new. Even if you only get to see them on social media or every so often in person. I hope you treasure your friends and that you tell them so. It’s important.


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