Asian Don't Raisin


Have your heard the saying “Asian don’t raisin”?  I have, and since I’m Eurasian and almost 50 (I’m between Sandra Oh and Lucy Liu in age, both of whom still look amazing), I’m terrified that I’ll be the first Asian on the planet to prematurely raisin. According to an article I read in AARP (gasp! sob!), one reason that Asians tend to look younger longer is that we have a wider bone structure than Caucasians, so our faces continue to look full and youthful as we age. 

As one HuffPost article says “Know what’s more effective than indulgent moisturizers and expensive serums? Being Asian.” I would feel reassured by this, except that I’m mixed race, so I live in fear that my Caucasian genes will prevail and I will crumple into petrified wood the moment I turn 50.

Because I can’t count on being Asian to stave off turning into driftwood/dried fruit, I have to rely on indulgent moisturizers and expensive serums. I am writing this post while lying in bed marinating in Egyptian Magic, which I buy in bulk from Costco. When I’m not basting myself in Egyptian Magic, I sleep smothered in Aquaphor, which I buy in 14 ounce tubs that I place strategically around my house, car, and office.  I rub some of the extra goop in my hair because it if it works and my face stays nice and plump and young-ish looking, I’d hate to have my hair give me away. Greasy? Yes. Who cares. If I manage to postpone turning into a raisin for a few more years, it will all be worth it!  Egyptian Magic absorbs better but is more expensive. Aquaphor is thicker and cheaper. I recommend using Egyptian Magic on your face and neck (and hair if you don’t mind waking up looking like the walking dead) and Aquaphor on your feet and lower legs - slather it on and sleep in some cheap cotton knee socks. I also like Weleda Skin Food. It smells nice and is a natural plant blend formula. However it isn’t sold everywhere so I don’t use it that regularly. Wish me luck, but if I look like a dried apple next time you see me, please don’t say anything.


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